It’s a wrap!

We finished shooting HORSEGIRLS (working title) – no catastrophes during 20 shooting days : ) Now we’ll start editing.

Casting is finished!

We’ve found the perfect cast and crew for our low-budget adventure, as well as a beautiful location in the North of Germany. More info to follow


Horsegirls (working title)

Good news: looks like we’ve got the financing for our low-budget feature HORSEGIRLS! So we’re in the process of casting, securing locations & general prep for shooting in September in … Read more >

Researching & financing

We’re preparing „Zona Norte” (working title) a documentary on the changes in Rio de Janeiro before the Olympic Games in 2016 focussing on Rio’s favelas in the North. In the … Read more >

The Raw And The Cooked

Review DVD release

“Cooking shows and celebrity chefs are so ubiquitous, and so bland, these days that it’s a welcome relief to settle in and follow writer/director Monika Treut on her culinary expedition … Read more >