Germany/Taiwan 2009. 89 min, 35mm, colour, Dolby-SR.
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Ghosted is a mysterious love story set in Hamburg and Taipei. Through a mixture of flashback and present day storytelling we follow the Hamburg artist Sophie as she comes to terms with her Taiwanese lover Ai-Ling’s murder. To ease her grief Sophie creates a video installation about Ai-Ling, and when she brings the exhibition to Taipei she meets the ambitious and seductive Mei-Li, a journalist who is investigating Ai-Ling’s death. Unable to forget her dead lover and confused by Mei-Li’s advances, she flees back to Hamburg. But when Mei-Li turns up on her doorstep, Sophie begins to suspect something strange is going on.


Inga Busch as Sophie Schmitt // Ke Huan-Ju as Chen Ai-ling // Hu Ting-ting as Wang Mei-li // Jack Kao as Chen Fu // Lu Yi-ching as Chen Ya-ching / Patrick’s Mother // Kevin Chen as Patrick // Jana Schulz as Katrin Bendersen // Marek Harloff as Leon, the neighbour // Nick Dong-Sik as Mr. Lee // and Chang Nai Wen as Judy


DoP: Bernd Meiners // AD: Buno Grass // Line Producer: Patrick Brand // Camera Assistant: Jörg Jahn // Gaffer: Gunter (Gandhi) Damm // Unit Manager: Christoph Heitmann // Sound: Andreas Pitann, Chiao-hao Yang // Editor: Renate Ober // Art Director: Isolde Rüter, Cheng-Yi Yang // Costume Designer: Petra Kilian // Make up Artist: Fe Ferber // Music & Sounddesign: Uwe Haas // Intercultural Consultant/Coach: Nai-Wen Chang // Translations – Chinese/German: Martina Hasse // German/English: Colin Richardson // Avid-Support: Christian Mattern // Postproduction Supervisor: Roland Musolff // PR: Doris Bandhold // Legal Services: Christian Füllgraf // Screenwriter: Astrid Ströher // Screenwriter, Director, Producer: Monika Treut // Co-Producer: Li-Fen Chien, Aileen Li

A Hyena Films production with Chi and Company. Supported by Filmfund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein GmbH, BKM, GIO Taiwan. A co-production with 3-sat/ZDF and PTS, Taiwan. Commissioning editors Inge Classen, Ingrid Graenz and Jessie Y.W. Shih. World Sales Agent: m-appeal


Berlin // Melbourne // London // Hong Kong // Milan // Turin // Belgrade // Toronto // Buccharest // Auckland // New York // San Francisco // Taipei // Los Angeles // Dublin // Bogota // Singapore // Cambridge // Lisbon // Rio de Janeiro // Atlanta // Seattle // Washington DC // Barcelona // Montreal // Paris // Prague // Madrid // Bologna // Ljubljana // Gothenburg // Bilbao // Sydney // Brisbane // Mumbai // Athens // Buenos Aires and many more.


Thoughtful storytelling and a refreshingly matter-of-fact view of lesbian relationships. The New York Times

A romantic, lush mystery. Close in spirit to Aimee & Jaguar. Box Office Magazine

Intriguing, oddly fascinating… Touches of Nicholas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now. Fim Comment

An erotically charged, culture-clash thriller.

Supernatural overtones made all the more worthwhile by spectacular Taipei locales and its celebration of Chinese culture. NewsBlaze