Female Misbehaviour

Germany/U.S. 1992, 16 mm, 80 min, color, in English

available on DVD via First Run Features

Synopsis, Cast, Crew

FEMALE MISBEHAVIOR is a series of four portraits of misbehaving women outlawed not only by society but also by mainstream feminism.

BONDAGE – In ‘Bondage,’ Carol, dressed in peekaboo leather, explains the appeal of S & M, tit torture, and the ‘very warm, very safe, very secure’ feeling of bondage.
Cinematography: Elfi Mikesch // Sound: Tonike Traum // Produced, written, and directed by MONIKA TREUT

ANNIE – The eponymous star of ‘Annie’ is born-again porn queen (now performance artist) Annie Sprinkle, who transforms herself from mouse into sex kitten.
Cinematography: Elfi Mikesch // Sound: Tonike Traum // Editor: Renate Merck // Produced, written, and directed by MONIKA TREUT

DR. PAGLIA – ‘Dr. Paglia’ is a portrait of Camille Paglia, professor for humanities at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, who catapulted herself into infamous stardom with her book Sexual Personae. She has been called brilliant, outrageous, ‘the intellectual pin-up of the 90s,’ an anti-feminist feminist, and ‘an academic rottweiler.’ With Camille Paglia and Bruce Benderson.
Cinematographer and Editor: Steve Brown // Line Producer: Volcano Pictures // Sound: Kate Pourshiarti, Caren Bierman // Produced, written, and directed by MONIKA TREUT

MAX – ‘Max’ is a portrait of Max W. Valerio who used to be Anita Valerio, a lesbian Native American from San Francisco. A couple of years ago Anita felt that she was no longer comfortable in her female body. Identifying herself as a heterosexual male, she embarks on a journey to become a man.
With Max Wolf Valerio.
Cinematgrapher and Editor: Steve Brown // Line Producer: Volcano Pictures // Sound: Kate Pourshiarti, Caren Bierman // Written, directed, and produced by MONIKA TREUT


Berlin // Cambridge (UK) // Cape Town // Dublin // Hong Kong // Jerusalem // Lisbon // London // Melbourne // Mexico City // Montreal // Skuk Magnus (Slowenia) // Sydney // Taipei // Toronto // Troia Turku // Wellington // and others


‘Female Misbehavior’ is an alternatingly hilarious and deadly serious docu on subjects ranging from lesbian bondage to ‘rock ‘n roll’ testosterone injections. Camille Paglia is utterly captivating, she gives the film an cademic angle with a comical twist. Variety

… shamelessly funny and provocative. Meike Winnemuth, Der Stern Monika Treut’s documentary is powerful and indeed utterly human. It’s like seeing an action movie: the heroes and the outcasts can be very much alike. Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Even Madonna could find new material in this provocative collection of four films by Monika Treut. This is one rental you’ll be talking about long after you’ve returned it to the store. Entertainment Weekly

The four films neatly comment on each other. Paglia gags at the thought of tit torture, while Max, once a lesbian stunner, now a handsome, heterosexual, nearly male, also experiences raging hormonal problems which seem to bear out Paglia’s unpalatable therories about sex differnces. Fascinating. Time Out, London

Treut has always been obsessed with the underbelly of lesbian, feminist, transsexual, and generally counterculture lives in the United States. Female Misbehavior (is) … bundled into an eclectic and entertaining feature. The Independent, New York

Treut is a sexual-political provocateur who in her explorations of the sexual fringe takes us where few filmmakers visit. New York Post

Paglia is on fast forward in a world where almost everyone is on pause. … Treut’s point is clear: In fast changing times only those who are changing should feel secure. Toronto Star